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Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight

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Информация о видео Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight

Название :  Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight
Продолжительность :   200
Пользователь :  Smithsonian Channel
Дата публикации :   2014-07-25
Просмотры :   6,008,960
Понравилось :   41
Не понравилось :   1

Кадры из видео Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight

Описание к видео Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight

The caracal is a fierce and agile predator. And the way it pursues airborne prey is astounding.

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From: SPEED KILLS: Desert

Комментарии к видео Incredible: A Caracal Slaps Down a Bird in Flight

Repsychler 808
Don’t the feathers get caught in her throat?
Комментарий от : Repsychler 808

Kus Tehnik
Waoww 😎
Комментарий от : Kus Tehnik

Zettai Engineer
Listen. Understand. That Caracal is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with. it doesn't feel pity of remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.
Комментарий от : Zettai Engineer

jason taylor
Air Jordan ?
Who da fook is dat guy?

Комментарий от : jason taylor

Syriana Kahli
So beautifully done. Best of the best.
Комментарий от : Syriana Kahli

My cat pulled a blue jay out of the sky and ran into the house with it.
Комментарий от : gregman01

Not Athiest Truth Seeker
i guess my dog doesn't get any ear muscle.
Комментарий от : Not Athiest Truth Seeker

Yogesh X
beautiful cats
Комментарий от : Yogesh X

Oh please, I've seen my house cat do this.
Комментарий от : jkjkhardcore666

Marvel James
In other words the bird got 'yeeted'
Комментарий от : Marvel James

Noel Chignell
My tabby cat used to catch swallows by lying in wait on the beach and leaping straight up about 1.2-1.5m and catching them in mid air .
I think that was more impressive really as she was much smaller and swallows are much faster than weaver birds

Комментарий от : Noel Chignell

Johnny Molinski
Dude, this camerawork and editing are INSANE!!
Комментарий от : Johnny Molinski

Samsng Device
Why doesn't someone just feed them a bowl of meow mix? 😼
Комментарий от : Samsng Device

Das Boot
mean cat,,,
Комментарий от : Das Boot

Rafael Ramirez
Better to have one weaver on paw than one hundred......
Комментарий от : Rafael Ramirez

Kenneth Hunt
Poor bird
Комментарий от : Kenneth Hunt

henry zhang
The caracal has "sneak"ers
Комментарий от : henry zhang

A long time ago we made it to paradise.
Did he say it's feet are designed? Ok. I agree.
Комментарий от : A long time ago we made it to paradise.

rodut campus
Not even a 100 kal in that 🐦
Комментарий от : rodut campus

Lio Gonzalez
Got a snack at a high energy cost.
Комментарий от : Lio Gonzalez

Cyril Euscobar
Nature's equivalent to a phased-array fire control radar.
Комментарий от : Cyril Euscobar

Adalberto Granados
Jummm y el hambre pues? Poor little birds... they flys but them they feel that they Dont moved away... its like when i had a nightmare
Комментарий от : Adalberto Granados

Hakuna matata
When you don't fine a govt.job....
Комментарий от : Hakuna matata

Greg Henderson
Video and video editing are excellent! The added fake sound effects and music are not....
Комментарий от : Greg Henderson

bert wesler
Hell's half-acre.
Комментарий от : bert wesler

Dave Almighty
My cat has done this.
Комментарий от : Dave Almighty

Amazing the images that a $150,000 camera can get.
Комментарий от : WildlifeObsessed

Ya tú sabes Neta que sabe
Quien es más eficaz y poderoso el caracol o el lince?
Комментарий от : Ya tú sabes Neta que sabe

Denis Zackarini
Nature documentaries is my escape zone...animals and trees don't pollute the environment with toxic waste, uranium, oil, they don't invent toxic technologies like 5G and destructive nuclear bombs to destroy each other, neither do they engineer viruses & diseases to depopulate the earth. Seriously, human beings are largely overrated
Комментарий от : Denis Zackarini

Learn lough House
Much respect to the camera man
Комментарий от : Learn lough House

Bird: Can fly high to easily avoid the caracal

Also bird: Imma fly low just for the challenge

Комментарий от : MrGottster

It’s like she’s toying with it. Wow, we never had this much high tech nature shows when I was a kid.
Комментарий от : DreamBeliever365

K. K.P.
Dinner is served.
Комментарий от : K. K.P.

Lovesickblues Lovesickblues
There’s now Way a camera can shoot reflexes like that,
Bird and cat is payed actor

Комментарий от : Lovesickblues Lovesickblues

Excelentes tomas !!!
Комментарий от : VICK MANN

Owen Frank
0:32 for donnie darko vibes
Комментарий от : Owen Frank

Poetry in motion
Комментарий от : shadowdance4666

a few lucky birds escaped ? looked like a entire flock lol
Комментарий от : batchagaloopyTV

Michael Swift
Does the weaver taste like chicken ?
Комментарий от : Michael Swift

Carcal :it's my daily routine
This channel : we Will show it slow motion and make u feel it's soo hard

Комментарий от : vicky

Awesome work of cameraman.😘😘
Комментарий от : AKSHAY LIMKAR

North Key House
Wow man
Комментарий от : North Key House

Chris Holland
With YouTube packed to the gills with amateurish clickbait and terrible editing, the quality of production and editing of this video was beyond superb. Thank you Smithsonian!
Комментарий от : Chris Holland

Ace Cometshark
What a great shot rejection by Cal! Amazing agility, Byrd stood no chance!
Комментарий от : Ace Cometshark

Maceo Roker
“That unlucky weaver bird is Trump trying to escape all of his indictments and the Caracal is The New York State Department Of Taxation & Finance.”
Комментарий от : Maceo Roker

Jeffrey Webb
What did the five fingers, say to the FACE?
Комментарий от : Jeffrey Webb

“Game of cat-and-bird”
Wow. That was great and horrible at the same time.

Комментарий от : DougtheDonkeyTV

Larry Panozzo
Комментарий от : Larry Panozzo

Kevin Rowe
Meh,my malamute has done that.🙄
Комментарий от : Kevin Rowe

Amazing video but u shud have also added the full original clip without slow mo jutst to get a fell of how quick it all happened
Комментарий от : MrPirateking619

Jyaj AquaRoom
Most underrated cats
Комментарий от : Jyaj AquaRoom

The cameraman's ability and agility is way better than the cat.
Комментарий от : Abu ZAR

Bob Schoepen jr
That footage blew my mind🤯
Комментарий от : Bob Schoepen jr

Sabir Mamdapur
U should have showed it in real time.
Комментарий от : Sabir Mamdapur

Moe Moe
when a african lion have a cub with a mountain lion you get Caracal
Комментарий от : Moe Moe

Fun Fact: Caracal cats will sometimes catch up to three birds in one jump, in mid-air.
Комментарий от : KANYANTA MWANSA

MasonIsMissing 64
Rip Jonny The Weaver Died From Angry Cat On Adrenaline
Комментарий от : MasonIsMissing 64

lil billy jr
So techy
Комментарий от : lil billy jr

sam chin
i love carcals
Комментарий от : sam chin

Adriano Milano
Super agility!
Комментарий от : Adriano Milano

Idk how much smithsonian paid the graphics person for this but it wasn’t enough. they truly did the absolute most. like yeah that YouTube makeup tutorial looking cat slapped that bird but nothing in this video slapped harder than that ~6 step zoom in on that feline’s head at the beginning lol
Комментарий от : kevinsmellls

《 ŚŵēėtTårø Bëâñ 》
Caracals: I have 20 ear muscles.
House cats: Amateurs.
Caracals: What did you say, punk?!
House cats, swiveling their 32-muscled ears: Amateurs.

Комментарий от : 《 ŚŵēėtTårø Bëâñ 》

Syilver A. Wors
That's one mean house cat
Комментарий от : Syilver A. Wors

dante sparda
he burned 300 calories for a meal of 20 calories
Комментарий от : dante sparda

madhu sudhan
That much hard work for an appetizer.... Where's her meal....
Комментарий от : madhu sudhan

sricharan prasad
Whoever is the cameraman pay him more
Комментарий от : sricharan prasad

to much talking
Комментарий от : O156147

that one kid who likes kimchi
that Cararal looks like a puma with amazing ear shapes and eyelinered eyes
Комментарий от : that one kid who likes kimchi

Bad mf
Комментарий от : PeaceLoveHappiness

Los brakon'eros
Комментарий от : Los brakon'eros

What a pretty cat
Комментарий от : ShayDale

Ethan Saley
Anyone here from Jimmy Kimmel
Комментарий от : Ethan Saley

hans zimmer
If only the bird could fly
Комментарий от : hans zimmer

Pankaj Shrivastava
बहुत-बहुत बढ़िया वीडियो

Комментарий от : Pankaj Shrivastava

Rizqi Akbar
And i cant even catch a fly
Комментарий от : Rizqi Akbar

Yohannes Tjahjadi
persian used pound!
pidgey fainted

Комментарий от : Yohannes Tjahjadi

John Mils
evil cat
Комментарий от : John Mils

Roy Rogers
I never heard of a Caracal before this.
Комментарий от : Roy Rogers

Coklat Udang
Only slap...that tiger teach me long time ago...it work..
Комментарий от : Coklat Udang

Wow great video showing agility
Комментарий от : ANKIT SONI

Our Lady Of Lourdes
Комментарий от : Our Lady Of Lourdes

Kyle Billie
Cats will always play with their food...that's so amazing
Комментарий от : Kyle Billie

King James
Watched a neighborhood cat whack a dove mid flight and take it away to feed her kittens. Felines are amazing hunters. Just watching them stalk and get close, and then boom, the explosiveness and precision is just otherworldly.
Комментарий от : King James

PsycoVision 5
That bird got bitch slapped into next week
Комментарий от : PsycoVision 5

Golden Paws
Also caracals can jump 3 to 4 meters in the air before attacking flying high prey
Комментарий от : Golden Paws

Caracal Leap
2:57 that’s what I’m talking about cuz.
Комментарий от : Caracal Leap

Name of this cat is KARAKULAK! Not caracal!
Turkic Name!

Комментарий от : Ruslan TÜRK'GAN

Shahzaib Shahzaib
Allah is better distributor
Комментарий от : Shahzaib Shahzaib

dani scheel
Cats are the most amazing and beautiful of all God's creations.
Комментарий от : dani scheel

Shuat Klein
2:12 and the catch starts
Комментарий от : Shuat Klein

Allif always first
God is absolutely the best engineer, His creations and works are unmatched
Комментарий от : Allif always first

Vincent Martinez
At 2:13 he was like boi you anit going nowhere
Комментарий от : Vincent Martinez

Juliette De Maso
It’s not a game, man. These are life and death stakes. We need to quit trying to make human silliness seem epic; it trivializes profundity. It makes us stupidly vain and disrespectful.
Комментарий от : Juliette De Maso

08 Gameplay
2019 anyone?
Комментарий от : 08 Gameplay

Waleed Alrawahi
All the dislikes are from vegans 🤣
Комментарий от : Waleed Alrawahi

christopher cook
I had a wife like that once!
Комментарий от : christopher cook

Jericho Morris
Gave that bird the good ol' elbow destruction
Комментарий от : Jericho Morris

wisnu yogapraditya
Bird should learn how to VTOL
Комментарий от : wisnu yogapraditya

"In this game of cat and bird, there can only be one winner"...
Can you please name a game of cat and bird where there can be winner-winner?

Комментарий от : ajcook7777

Why the buildup? It spoils video.!!! Besides birds are better than fuming cats!

Bird was too low. Not skill of cat.

Insulting to nature!

Комментарий от : S H

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