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xie lian's second most devoted believer
I've been listening to the english ver. of this since it came out and this is the first time I decided to listen to the korean ver. cuz of hoshi xD I really really love this song <3
Комментарий от : xie lian's second most devoted believer

meinfinity _
D-2 to Day6 comeback! Some facts about Day6 that many kpop fans don't know and need to know!
1. All members write and compose ALL of their songs since debut. Writing their songs themselves were the condition for them to debut.
2. Day6 have the highest following on Melon among JYPE boy groups!
3. Young K, the main lyricist for Day6 is the MOST credited JYPE artist on KOMCA and chosen by GQ Korea as lyricist of the year(2020)
4. Dowoon(drummer) has a music degree and played drums since middle school. He entered the company specifically as a drummer.
5. Jae actively advocates about mental health. One of the rarest in kpop, where he doesn't simply only make statements, but actually work on projects and campaigns!
6. Day6 are idols of idols! Almost all groups have a Myday. And almost everyday, there would be artists recommending Day6 songs to fans. Search 'Idols/Artists singing to Day6' and there are up to 18~ video compilations!

Day6 comeback is on 19/4, their new title is You Make Me!❤️
Please show some love!❤️

Комментарий от : meinfinity _

Lil Oriane
Комментарий от : Lil Oriane

Love Letter
I came after I saw Hoshi mentioning this song in GoSe...it's really good! ♥️
Комментарий от : Love Letter

Princess Marie De Paz
2 days before DAY6 OT5 COMEBACK
Комментарий от : Princess Marie De Paz

Kurt Catacutan
Who's here after Hoshi mentioned Day6 in the new ep of Going SEVENTEEN? ✋✋
Комментарий от : Kurt Catacutan

Wang Jarim
h-2 day6 comeback omg
Комментарий от : Wang Jarim

Apple P
Hoshi brings you here to right?
Комментарий от : Apple P

I'm here because of hoshi. This is a bop!
Комментарий от : Y E S E U N G

Cam Baez
Nada más satisfactorio que ser Myday y Carat
Комментарий от : Cam Baez

La FRiKi RaRa
Sin duda DAY6 es arte total <3
Комментарий от : La FRiKi RaRa

اسماء DAY6
Комментарий от : اسماء DAY6

Queen Elliz Rillo
I'm atiny but why this talented boys only received 15M seriously ? This is so so good guys i'm addicted to this song
Комментарий от : Queen Elliz Rillo

"Today was hard, right? Tomorrow will be just as hard." - Yoon Dowon
Комментарий от : piscokduaribu

daylo vehope
i'm nota my day but my fav part is where sungjin part come in with his husky voice..i would repeat that part hundred times and never get bored
Комментарий от : daylo vehope

Marillyn Natalia
i love sungjin's voice. no, i madly in love w his voice 🙂
Комментарий от : Marillyn Natalia

i'm a carat but aside from hoshi reminding me of this beautiful song once again (bc of gose 😆), a bestfriend of mine recommended me this song last year. she knows i'm struggling and sent me this song last year 🥺 this song just speaks in so many levels. the lyrics just hits to the core (also the eng version) ㅠㅠ day6, thank you for your music 🤍
Комментарий от : jr_제나

All those new listeners welcome! Please support day6 new comeback!! This April 19, you won't regret it :)
Комментарий от : deb

Joe Sean
Came here after watching Secret Number on idol radio, then idol radio played Day6-Zombie. Then for the first time I liked this song and repeat this song over and over again.
Комментарий от : Joe Sean

An Nguyễn
Hoshi brought me here
Комментарий от : An Nguyễn

An Nguyễn
Hoshi bought me here
Комментарий от : An Nguyễn

Jimena López Romero
Podría escuchar 4hrs esta canción o más y no me cansaría
Комментарий от : Jimena López Romero

Rosalie Almodien
Thank you to all who drop by because hoshi recommended this song on GOSE mydays appreciate this much and hoping you can support our boys this coming April 19 at 6pm KST for their new song You Make Me godbless you all
Комментарий от : Rosalie Almodien

Комментарий от : Stone

zay el
I'm here coz my crush likes this group. Now he is not my crush anymore.
Комментарий от : zay el

Tricia Mae Tindoy
Hoshi brought me here hahaha
Комментарий от : Tricia Mae Tindoy

This song sounds just a little bittersweet but the lyrics are so dark... Damn... Are they okay?
Комментарий от : Kat

Britany Bermúdez
Zombie siempre será una canción especial para mí.
Ansiosa por su nuevo comeback

Комментарий от : Britany Bermúdez

V Stay
Si JYP no hace bien las cosas para comeback rompo todo.
Комментарий от : V Stay

Venus Malavega
Hoshi brought me here!!!
Комментарий от : Venus Malavega

Francine De Castro
I came here because of Going Seventeen ...Hoshi said he's a fan ..and after listening that's when I understand. This is good.
Комментарий от : Francine De Castro

TXT kind of introduced me to Day 6 and omg I think I'll stan!!
Комментарий от : hyukaa

Hosh Jeon kook
My god! I thought i was the only one came after seeing hoshi Being myday
I'm going to also become a myday
Will stan my idols idol

Комментарий от : Hosh Jeon kook

Hosh Jeon kook
i came after tomorrow's going seventeen!!
And It's a beautiful song.!!

Комментарий от : Hosh Jeon kook

here bc hoshi but truthfully, seventeen members have been mentioning day6 before so much that I eventually checked them out too. like when the members were asked to recommend a song a few years back, they were rec svt songs and then we had Dokyeom saying dance dance by day6 😂 i'm not myday but i enjoy day6 :) when zombie dropped, it was so good. still good and the message spoke volumes
Комментарий от : Doremi

Jodoh Brian
Комментарий от : Jodoh Brian

Hamchi hae
Hoshi promoting day6 better than JYP
Комментарий от : Hamchi hae

no hates
day 1 of becoming their fan, thank you hoshi
Комментарий от : no hates

seungminho __
I'm so happy seeing my co-carats coming here because of Hoshi!

Considering that the GoSe episode was filmed months ago, I'm still amazed on how Hoshi mentioned Day6!

To my co-mydays if you want to thank the carats coming here, let's listen to the latest Japanese release of Seventeen, Not Alone ~

Комментарий от : seungminho __

순영이가 말해서 보러왔듬니다...
Комментарий от : 빰.

back here my first day6 comeback :')
Комментарий от : icy

4 days left before D-Day of comeback Mydays!
Комментарий от : icy

Sebongies Stan Real Talents!
Those subs are the winner
Комментарий от : Sebongies Stan Real Talents!

Day6 is having comeback soooooooon! timely moment for Hoshi to talk about them~~ Hoshi recommending this might bring more attention!~
Комментарий от : lulupug

jhamaica vee
Hello, I'm here because of my love hoshi recommendation. I'm planning to stan this group and become a myday so pls welcome me warm heartedly thank you
Комментарий от : jhamaica vee

cheol wrlds
came here not only because of hoshi but also for Day6. i miss them. carat x myday besties!!!!
Комментарий от : cheol wrlds

jiwa carat myday ku berpesta pesta
Комментарий от : bicha

Hasna Aulia
as a myday-carat, makasih banget buat hoshi ini banyak carats jadi pada mampir aaaa luv it!!
Комментарий от : Hasna Aulia

Carats thank you for being here! Please if you liked this song, look forward to Day6's comeback on April 19th! ♡
Комментарий от : Alessia

miriam rivera
Комментарий от : miriam rivera

Jin Wang
even when this song made me crying in bathroom for 2 and half hours i still listening to this and believe something will change
Комментарий от : Jin Wang

i have only one thing to tell to Hoshi: TASTE
Комментарий от : 17S0YE0N

I’m a Carat and I’m here to support Day6 and the song Zombie!!! I like it very much !!
Комментарий от : Minka

Karen De Castro
never doubt hoshi’s song recommendation haha
Комментарий от : Karen De Castro

Stan Day6
I'm a myday and a carat at the same time ❤️ I'm so happy that Hoshi recommended this and thankyou for checking this out guys❤️ I hope you will also listen to Day6 other songs , this boys discography is such a wow guys 😊
Комментарий от : Stan Day6

Just want to ask something who is the actor perform the zombie act?
Комментарий от : JESLYNJOY V L O G's

Moon Jun
Комментарий от : Moon Jun

Andrea Jasmin Abila
Wow, ngayon ko lang nalaman na may Filipino subtitle pala ito dahil sa isang comment. Ang ganda talaga ng meaning ng song:(
Комментарий от : Andrea Jasmin Abila

Andrea Jasmin Abila
CARATs come here because of Hoshi, STAN DAY6!

I love you, fam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

(A solid carat here 😊)

Комментарий от : Andrea Jasmin Abila

Jennifer Ociano
Thank you hoshi for introducing Day6...
Zombie english version is also great😚✊

Комментарий от : Jennifer Ociano

I came here to listen because of Hoshi✨ however I've heard an english cover of this song, and one of the members reacted to it. It's been a long time since I've seen that video so when Hoshi mentioned about Zombie, I remembered it.

Edit: I'm just within the 1 minute of the video and it's really a ♥️🎉 Day6 needs more recognition.

Комментарий от : Lunamcst

Ann Ann
Комментарий от : Ann Ann

Lemme Introduce yourself
Hoshi brought me here ❤ the song is so great
And mydays are so nice too, wish y'all the best

Комментарий от : Lemme Introduce yourself

Md Hairullah
Комментарий от : Md Hairullah

Arielle P.
Hi Carats!!! My Days love love love youuuu! <3 <3 <3 <3
Комментарий от : Arielle P.

Jeonghan Side
JYP please take a good care of Day6. We want Hoshi to be happy fanboying Day6. Thank you.
Комментарий от : Jeonghan Side

Thank you for trying everyday to feel okay. It's okay if you're struggling at the moment. Flowers don't bloom all year round, but we still water and care for them inbetween. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Summer is right around the corner, and you'll bloom again soon. Thank you for pushing through.
Комментарий от : Ryan

Putu Yiyin Tan
Just like others, come because hoshi XD
Комментарий от : Putu Yiyin Tan

Come here because hoshi mentioned this song on GOSE and danggg this song is good🤩 I might check another day6’s songs
Комментарий от :

The Book of Us: Negentropy, 19th of APRIL 2021 — 6PM kst. It is the last installment/part of ‘the book of us’ series!

if you’re about to stan day6, you can start by looking out for the songs they covered so it doesn’t get you overwhelmed, one of the amazing acts they did was releasing two songs every month last 2017 (literally the busiest idols that year!)

dk covered ‘when you love someone’ and hoshi did their known song ‘you were beautiful’ and from what i remember, jae reacted to dk!

jae is also friends with shua, he had once mentioned about idols being gamers and he included that joshua plays too, he wasn’t sure if plds would let shua stream w jae at that time.

Комментарий от : ??

Carat SHINee
i saw some myday talking about carats on twt and thought you guys are sweet. I'll be supporting day6 comeback next week :))
Комментарий от : Carat SHINee

hoshi is working harder than jype
Комментарий от : h

Blank Page
In case you don't know, this has an English version! Also DAY6 is coming back on the 19th!
Комментарий от : Blank Page

I'm Okay
came here bacause of hoshi😂
Комментарий от : I'm Okay

So. I became a myday last january and ive been binge watching their contents because originally Im a carat and Gose is not there for sometime so i stan Day6. Never thought that when Gose is back Hoshi will recommend a song from day6 and never know thought he is a myday. The world really is small. My Carat-Day heart omg! Stan talent Stan Svt and Day6. They are the talents you dont wanna miss out!
Комментарий от : fona

Autumn Belle
I’m here every day ngl~ day6 has one of the best discographies in all of Kpop and on top of that, mydays are the nicest/chillest fandom. I love it here
Комментарий от : Autumn Belle

Listening this masterpiece again bc of today's Going Seventeen. I already knew the song and the english version it's my favorite bc the lyrics hit different. Thanks to Hoshi and DK I now know several Day6 songs...

I also remember watching one of the Day6 members saying that he respects Woozi as a composer bc it's not that easy to come up with good lyrics and melody. Since that, I have a lot of respect to Day6. Anyway thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Комментарий от : 막내온탑 SEVENTEEN

Krisnita Laely
Siapa yang kesini setelah nonton GOING SEVENTEEN?

Coba like sini, kita senafas.

Комментарий от : Krisnita Laely

Lenny Dale Abadinas
Hoshi bring me here
Комментарий от : Lenny Dale Abadinas

came here after gose, im really getting more interested in day6 now .. can anyone recommend me more of their songs?
Комментарий от : shanessa

cris pea
thank you carats for dropping by
Комментарий от : cris pea

Just saw the carats' comments full of love about this song ♡ my Myday x Carat heart!! Horanghae!!!!
Комментарий от : 愛noon

Neomu Lonely
my caratday heart
Комментарий от : Neomu Lonely

Neomu Lonely
don't be shy carats, stan DAY6.
Комментарий от : Neomu Lonely

Came here because of Hoshi! He has taste 😍❤️
Комментарий от : jed

Thank you Carats for dropping by..
I love the song Together, reminds me of Day6's - Time of Our Life. BTW Zombie has an English version!!

Комментарий от : 04Ammy04

HOSHI VICE PRESIDENT. You know they will be anticipating Day6's comeback next week!!

Комментарий от : 04Ammy04

Комментарий от : ind22

Jihoon Mochi
Came here after hoshi said that he is a fan of day6
Комментарий от : Jihoon Mochi

Hoshi brought me here!♥️
Комментарий от : adzjel

EasyCome EasyGoes
CaratDay here~ Anyone who comes because of our Hoshi, try listening to Shoot Me too. It's my personal favourite 😆😆
Комментарий от : EasyCome EasyGoes

Viviana Cespedes
it's a beautiful song, i love it!!! Thanks day6 for this song
Комментарий от : Viviana Cespedes

kihyunsrightoe *
When your company is so sh*tty that hoshi has to promote your song
Комментарий от : kihyunsrightoe *

Cute _
GoSe Hoshi: Im a fan
Me: okay, gonna watch it.......
And woahhhh love the song

Комментарий от : Cute _

stan SKZ DAY6 n BTS for a better life
Комментарий от : stan SKZ DAY6 n BTS for a better life

stan SKZ DAY6 n BTS for a better life
Комментарий от : stan SKZ DAY6 n BTS for a better life

stan SKZ DAY6 n BTS for a better life
Комментарий от : stan SKZ DAY6 n BTS for a better life

Aysha Sidhik
Seventeen and Carats are too sweet, supporting our boys. Bless your hearts
Комментарий от : Aysha Sidhik

Mi Mi
Yep yep... I'm here for our horangie Hoshi
Комментарий от : Mi Mi

Days gone by
Its nice to see fandoms come together and get along. thank you to everyone who came and listened. Pls support DAY6 comeback on April 19!!
Комментарий от : Days gone by

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