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Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz

Информация о видео Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz

Название :  Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 954448081729
Дата публикации :   20200701
Просмотры :   g({'EVENT_ID':
Понравилось :   1,450
Не понравилось :   56

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Лучший трек у группы onyx!)
Комментарий от : GHETTO LIVE

Комментарий от : Super VOCOR ONER

Grawlix Media
Sticky Fingaz naturally has a cartoonish angry face
Комментарий от : Grawlix Media

Kingg baallz saaarensen
Biggest question is WHy they all look like wesley pipes in someway🤔
Комментарий от : Kingg baallz saaarensen

I find listening to this funny, reason is That Sticky used this in his “jackin for beats”
Комментарий от : WubZei

харланов александр
Virus video))$
Комментарий от : харланов александр

Marlon White
looking back, i can see the visual influence they probably had on wutang
Комментарий от : Marlon White

zsolt fridrich
Комментарий от : zsolt fridrich

Axel Cardeno
2020 Argentina
Комментарий от : Axel Cardeno

Red Simmons
3:12 Russ Practicing looking hard 👀
Комментарий от : Red Simmons

rachael gracy
Damn brings me back. Use to listen to this album everyday. Still bumping this in 2020
Комментарий от : rachael gracy

Hans Gerber
back when hip hop videos where scary
Комментарий от : Hans Gerber

Ba Dly
0.75 🔥
Комментарий от : Ba Dly

Kuya Kilabot 31
This is my wedding song.
Комментарий от : Kuya Kilabot 31

Julio Diaz
This is the Hardcore shit is what we need to bring back rather than this bullshit rap we have today. 6nine, Drake, Jay-z, lil pump,MTV.........shit is fake son!
Комментарий от : Julio Diaz

Resurger _
I am now fighting with flies on my face!
Комментарий от : Resurger _

OneofAKind 13
Onyx and Tupac made me shave my head. It used to make my mom so mad because I had good hair lol. Those were the days.
Комментарий от : OneofAKind 13

Byambadorj Byamba
in 2020 oldschool:
Комментарий от : Byambadorj Byamba

yourface 123
So cypress hill stole this hook then they complained when ice cube did it to them
Комментарий от : yourface 123

1.25 speed add even more hype
Комментарий от : Hoodz

Rambo 80
When sticky fingaz was in def jam ffny
Комментарий от : Rambo 80

Javeon Jones
I miss my teen years, just started driving then. Always has this tape in my player. Yeah cassette tapes, CD's wasn't popular then, lol
Комментарий от : Javeon Jones

Tired AF
Timbs,bald head n baggy pants. Sooo NY
Комментарий от : Tired AF

When i listen to this i think WHAT THE FXCK HAPPENED TO HIP-HOP? Trap is crap
Комментарий от : MeatVision

Helix The Cunt
2020 and the years after!✊
Комментарий от : Helix The Cunt

Gregory Barnes
Time to find my old beeper!!
Комментарий от : Gregory Barnes

Aaron Frazier
Onyx made me afraid of bald people
Комментарий от : Aaron Frazier

paillou zak
Комментарий от : paillou zak

John W
Blood stains, long range, GOT GATS! Crazy clips
Комментарий от : John W

Don Armani Nizar
Комментарий от : Don Armani Nizar

Jeru sampled this for come clean
Комментарий от : 808MixMaster

Mandinah London
word up
Комментарий от : Mandinah London

Moises riquelme lucas
Me encanta
Комментарий от : Moises riquelme lucas

This still bangs till this day. Goddamn. 🔥🔥🔥
Комментарий от : 777

Py Rex
Anyone kno the song that samples "I'm gonna get live live live like a wire" just repeats on a sick mix
Комментарий от : Py Rex

logan butt
Комментарий от : logan butt

Richie Conti
My first cd ... Now I wonder why my life went in the direction it did lmaoooo
Комментарий от : Richie Conti

lyricist/destroyer queensboro
This song makes you want to shoot a cousin you don't like
Комментарий от : lyricist/destroyer queensboro

jamie shannon
Rip 🙏 Big DS
Комментарий от : jamie shannon

Filippo Lucci
Could you please let me know what you think of this beat? i was inspired by this group

Комментарий от : Filippo Lucci

Russell Simmons at the 3:11 mark
Комментарий от : Chris

Fabio Decarolis
I kidnapped my white mother after listening to this song
Комментарий от : Fabio Decarolis

Eb Bunny
Lol and they say chief Keef created this , lmaoo young folks know nothing.
Комментарий от : Eb Bunny

Luke Davis
Grind that rail and bop your head young white boy
Комментарий от : Luke Davis

Big DS of Onyx Marlon Fletcher passed away May 22 2003

Комментарий от : KARIM MOTO

רועי שכטר
Hardcore rap used to be badass in the 90's
Комментарий от : רועי שכטר

CJ Gallegos Ill rhythmic venom
remembering still in 2020!
Комментарий от : CJ Gallegos Ill rhythmic venom

Алексей. Калганов
Комментарий от : Алексей. Калганов

vadim artibjakin
Bird in the game
Комментарий от : vadim artibjakin

Michael Waddell
I'm a bald head wit uh knife I wantcha money or ya life!!!!
Комментарий от : Michael Waddell

Gideon of the Galaxy
This a fuckin classic.

I don't feel pain because it's all in the mind!

Комментарий от : Gideon of the Galaxy

BlackKat 1
This was the scariest shit I ever heard n my life @ the time n I loved it!!!! The track the lyrics was jus so gutter!!!!! A weak minded dude would rob n kill everything after hear this shit!!!! The vibe was jus wild n deranged n dangerous!!! Bald headed black dudes w/ guns screamin!!! There's nothin on this earth more intimidating except bald headed white dudes w/ guns screaming!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Комментарий от : BlackKat 1

Richard Ramsawh
Lil Pump fans are shivering
Комментарий от : Richard Ramsawh

Fly Paper
On Union hall crazy
Комментарий от : Fly Paper

Wolf Common
They are the reason I shaved my head back then, and still do all these years later. Atak of da balhedz 👨🏾‍🦲
Комментарий от : Wolf Common

J Ski
How many was on waiting on sticky 🦠
Комментарий от : J Ski

Johnesha Holly
Who is hear quarantine listening 2020😉😉😉😉
Комментарий от : Johnesha Holly

Bodhi Sattva
I dying of cancer and I just bought an arsenal. (Bought on the streets) lots of protesting gun toting conservatives gonna die right before I do
Комментарий от : Bodhi Sattva

Dody Woody
I'm white but I have a black soul!!Russia is here
Комментарий от : Dody Woody

Visionaire TV
The best hardcore hip hop group ever! RIP Big DS & Chyskillz.
Комментарий от : Visionaire TV

HalfMan HalfDalorian
And this was the censored video and song! Back when my NYC niggas was straight up cold-blooded murdering legends!
Комментарий от : HalfMan HalfDalorian

Ra One
Russel Simmons at 3:12, Crazy .
Комментарий от : Ra One

No 3D effects, no golden jewelry, no girly-men, no illuminati loyalists, no false tattoo. Just many angry rappers, boom bap bounce, real lyrics, no bullshit. Damn, 90’s miss me 🥰 real hip hop is here
Комментарий от : Dazzounet

Leonardo Rodrigues
2020 On fireeeee
Комментарий от : Leonardo Rodrigues

Dan Zoco888
Esto si es rap
Комментарий от : Dan Zoco888

I cant look at this song the same after finding out they sued Jeru for the Come Clean sample. Fuck Onyx
Комментарий от : 777

Gregory Smith
Now I know why he. Went. First. 🥊
Комментарий от : Gregory Smith

Егор Слабун
Охуенные ребята)))
Комментарий от : Егор Слабун

Jezz Dogg
My grandma yous to sing this song to me when i was little to put me to sleep.
Комментарий от : Jezz Dogg

Demonios Zerokilled
no real shit as this
Комментарий от : Demonios Zerokilled

tOdAyS hiP hOP OnLY pReaChEs VioLeNce
Комментарий от : m.alik

Kitsune Baka
2:31 - So! So! So!


Комментарий от : Kitsune Baka

Tony Stank
Only 7.1 million views?
Комментарий от : Tony Stank

Freestyler ghetto
Комментарий от : Freestyler ghetto

2020 lock down crew
Комментарий от : PerfectJaffa

Marked Zenuasia
Комментарий от : Marked Zenuasia

TJ 1413
Def jam vendetta
Комментарий от : TJ 1413

Pablo Sanchez
Only Sticky Fingaz can match DMX for angriest rapper
Комментарий от : Pablo Sanchez

Sam B
I'm getting some stomp the yard vibes
Комментарий от : Sam B

Def Jam vendetta
Комментарий от : MFDOOM 95

Kane kopua
Imagine having a lovely Sunday family outing at the beach and seeing these guys running towards you
Комментарий от : Kane kopua

Pure Perfection 🔥🔥🔥
Комментарий от : P V M

King Heem
This shit is horrible OMGGGGG 😂😭🤦🏿‍♂️✌🏾
Комментарий от : King Heem

Unique Parks
Homes licking the axe 💪
Комментарий от : Unique Parks

DialM4 Masala
Not 1 hair hat or BT-1000 in this video, just a bunch of ED-209s
Комментарий от : DialM4 Masala

Serginho Elleston
Ayo Wuddup Bird...
Комментарий от : Serginho Elleston

Lost Jewels 24
Beat assesine
Комментарий от : Lost Jewels 24

Maybe if Coronavirus hears me playing Onyx, it will run away.
Комментарий от : gunner74

Jake Red Rutherford
My phone just got stoled
Комментарий от : Jake Red Rutherford

what bunch o clowns
Комментарий от : Shogun

King Kong
Комментарий от : King Kong

johnson monkEman
no one cares but here from a ho99o9 interview, checking out bad brains etc after this. this is great
Комментарий от : johnson monkEman

Brandy Lagrone
This beat is so fucking NASTYYY 🥴🥴👌
Комментарий от : Brandy Lagrone

Simply Jay
Idc I love them they didn’t gaf
Комментарий от : Simply Jay

Mell C
Комментарий от : Mell C

Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.
Комментарий от : instructme

This album hit hard on my system. Back when rap was legit
Комментарий от : S M

Spartan From The X
Back when being a Alphamale in the hood was a must!
Комментарий от : Spartan From The X

Emerton Vea
Not a single hair
Комментарий от : Emerton Vea

Low key, sticky fingers had flows. definitely the best in the group.
Комментарий от : reaganomicz

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